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Software On-Campus

How to obtain a student license for the following software packages for your personal device.


STEP 1: Mail in order to receive an Activation Key.

STEP 2: After you have received your Activation Key in the mail. To obtain a copy of the installation media, do one of the following from a computer connected to the University network.

  1. Copy this link \\\pool\nat\Programs\Installs\Mathematica
  2. Open your operating system's file explorer (Windows = Windows Explorer; Linux = Nautilus; Mac OS = Finder)
  3. Paste the link above into the relevant file browser's address bar and hit enter
  4. The activation key will be eligible for automatic upgrades. When a new version of the product is released, you will be sent an email with a new activation key and a link to download the new installation file.


Please follow the following link to FIRGA's website for the instructions on downloading Matlab. Matlab Installation and activation instructions

For more information visit the FIRGA website here -

Last update: 2024-05-22
Created: 2024-05-22