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NARGA Venue Bookings

NARGA’s Room Scheduling Regulation


This scheduling policy is to provide the user with a clear view on how to make a booking and what guidelines and rules to follow in order to have a pleasant experience teaching at NARGA. This is also to make sure that a lecturer uses optimal lecture time and are provided with the software and technical environment he/she expects. When writing tests and exams and doing any e-assessments, it is of great importance to make sure that all the steps are followed in order to ensure a safe and secure working environment.

NARGA Building Map


Booking Regulation

Read the full document here

Booking Procedure

This is only for ad-hoc bookings.

  • Step 1 - Make sure here - NARGA Timetables that there is a NARGA Venue available for your timeslot.
  • Step 2 - Log a call on the NARGA Service Desk here
  • Step 3 - Fill out the following information on the service desk to make the booking:
    • Faculty:
    • Department:
    • Module:
    • Activity (underline): Class / Test / Exam / Tutorial
    • If Test/Exam, is SUNLearn going to be used?
    • No of students/seats needed:
    • Software requirements – provide 2 months ahead of time:
    • Exam usernames required and number? (When students must not login with their own credentials):
    • Date/s:
    • Time/s:
    • Preferred venue:
    • Contact Person:
    • Tel no:
    • E-mail:
    • Instructor:
    • Support Needed during office hours: On Call / On-Site / None:
    • Support Needed after hours: On Call / On-Site (R230 per hour) / None:
    • Provide US numbers of staff that needs to be granted access to NARGA:

Please note that in the case of a test/exam that falls into the normal scheduled booking time, the booking form must be filled in and submitted to inform Narga staff and/or SUNLearn.

Last update: 2024-02-14
Created: 2024-02-14